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la serveuse de la gourmandiere

The Master Winemakers of La Gourmandière are the main wine producers of the central region of France with over 300 hectares of vineyards; 95 % of these are “Touraine Appellation Controlée “ (this guarantees a wine’s origin, grape varieties & production methods) & the rest are Vin de Pays, Jardin de la France.

The Francueil winery has 120 members. Each year we produce on average 18 000 hectolitres of wine, composed of 65% from red wine grape varieties & 35% from white.

From a region steeped in history & tradition, we have winemakers with skills established over generations and who are passionate about their savoir-faire.
Please contact us & come & discover the “Maîtres Vignerons de la Gourmandière”, the largest independent wine cellars in the Touraine.

le cadre de la gourmandiere
le présentoire de la gourmandiere